Phone: +1 (412) 628-7351

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 5 (Euna Park, Mohan Bai, Atul Goel, Yifei Gong)

Duration: 2 weeks

Platform: HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)

A fox story is a VR storytelling experience. The story is about how a baby fox grows up and becomes independent after having learned to survive from his mother.

The guest (player) plays the role of a soul that guides the distracted baby fox to his mother. 

A major challenge in this project was to manage when and how much the guest controls the fox since the project aimed to be a cinematic storytelling experience. I used events to decide when the guest would control the fox and when the fox would act independently.


Another major challenge was to make the fox follow the guest only when the guest (controller) was in the fox's field of view. I used a cone to replicate the fox's field of view. The fox would follow the  guest only when the controller was inside the cone. 

The above solution (cone as field of view) worked only because our environment was not cluttered with objects. The above solution used Unity Triggers. I plan to revisit the code and use Raycasts instead of triggers to simulate vision since the above solution would not work in all cases (for example, if an obstacle is in the way)