Phone: +1 (412) 628-7351

Role: Producer, Co Programmer

Team Size: 5 (Qianye Mei, Raisa Chowdhury, Justin Fanzo, Guanghao Yang)

Duration: 2 weeks

Platform: HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)

Burger Flipping is a funny cooking game built for the HTC Vive. The guest takes the role of a person who is cokking for his/her friends.

I took the role of a producer for this team. I was able to guide brainstorming sessions well and also led team meetings. We would have regular update meetings to keep track of progress and maintain accountability. 

The goal of this game was to be so intuitive that a naive guest could play it easily in the first go and we used many forms of indirect control to reach our goal. We used visual clues to guide the guest through the experience. We had to make sure that the affordances were intuitive and easy to understand. We also used audio cues to make sure we guided the guests in case they missed the visual clues. 

One of the challenges in this world was to handle the interactions with all possible objects in the environment and to make clear the rules of the world (what can be cooked and what cannot be cooked).