Phone: +1 (412) 628-7351

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 4 (Ridima Ramesh, Axel Arth, Vasant Menon)

Duration: 2 weeks

Platform: JamODrum

Deep trouble is a multiplayer (3 player) asymmetric game on the Jam-O-Drum. The Jam-O-Drum is a table sized input on which 4 players can play simultaneously. Each player has a spinner (like a steering wheel) and a drum that can be hit.

In the game, the guests (players) are tasked with guiding a submarine in a dark ocean, with a monster (kraken) chasing it. The goal is to survive, and the players must collect fuel to keep going. 

The player roles are :

  • Navigation

  • Controlling the light

  • Repair

The navigator guides the ship while trying to avoid obstacles, the light person must find fuel in the darkness, the repair person must repair the light and navigation (which are damaged by the obstacles)

One of the challenges of this game was mapping the rotation of the Jam-O-Drum spinner to the translation of the submarine. Another challenge was to make the UI intuitive and easy to understand.