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Standards Elimination Parser

Role: Programmer/ UI designer


Created an algorithm that takes numbers in digits as input and gives number in words as output

Created algorithms for the preprocecessing stage to convert unstructured text into structured input

Accounted for different numeral systems like Hindu-Arabic numeral systems 

Designed and implemented User Interface Elements using JavaFX

Description of project:

The standards elimination parser is a java based parser that takes input as text with foreign standards and gives output as text with native standards

The challenge here was that we had to deal with natural language because the input is unstructured. We converted unstructured text to structured data that we required for our algorithm to work

We accounted for over 7 countries and 8 standards (Currency, Mass, Length, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Energy, Speed)

The values for dynamic values like currency were real time and we used an API to fetch these values

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